Welcome to the OIB at Maurice Ravel

Calendar for 2021 – 2022 recruitment

February 8th,  2021: Application forms available online

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Toutes les informations sur la section internationale disponibles sur le site académique : Collège /  Lycée


Online Open Day: March 13th

Closing date for completed application forms April 2nd

May 2021: Written tests May 5th

Oral test between May 5th– May 12th

Please note that the format of the test could change depending on Covid 19 restrictions.

Accepting applications for 6e (28 spaces) and 2nde (35 spaces) with very limited spots available in other levels


Contact :

Principal: Céline Isart

Parents’ Association: apesiravel@gmail.com


Collège: mgaynor@laposte.net

Lycée: jeanpierre.mignot76@gmail.com



The Anglophone International Section at Cité-scolaire Maurice Ravel opened in September 2014 with a class of 6ème made up of 27 pupils from nine different nationalities. Since then each year a new level has been added and in 2020 we finally have a full section of collège and lycée with our  pioneering 6e class of 2014 the first cohort to sit the OIB examination in June 2021.

            Situated in the east of Paris, we are a mixed and multicultural school and this is reflected in our International Section; our anglophone pupils have family links with America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand Canada, Ireland, Japan and Korea; our French pupils have lived in Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia or China, not forgetting the French pupils who love English and have managed to acquire a sufficient level of English by themselves to join the section.

            Our teaching staff includes native speakers as well as bilingual and bicultural teachers who have worked in Lycée Français and other schools overseas.


            Unfortunately the Covid crisis is somewhat cramped our style this year, but we are still managing to put projects and activities in place.

            In September the entire Lycée section of the OIB gathered in Parc Floral with the OIB teachers for bonding and team-building games. In October, Mr Millet devised a Halloween Extravaganza combining Halloween disguises and pumpkin contests with a spooky escape game based on the French Revolution in the Salle de Cinema. In November Ms Hanson’s 5e class celebrated Thanksgiving with their non-OIB classmates in an exercise in sharing American culture, while Ms Simeray organised a Zoom meeting with YA author Tillie Walden, giving the 1ère class the opportunity to interview her live. Our Christmas celebrations included a masked Secret Santa and a pyjama or (ugly Xmas jumper) day for pupils and teachers alike while the 6e class had the added bonus of destroying a Santa Pinata. In January Mr Mignot and Ms Hanson’s 4e and 2nde classes worked on a project exploring borders, while Mrs Gaynor 6e’s class worked on the Memory of the Holocaust with a philosophy workshop organized by the Shoah Mémorial and a visit from Ginette Kolinka, a Holocaust survivor.

            In the spring when theatres and museums reopen we hope to see The Hound of the Baskervilles, Animal Farm and Shakespeare’s World. There will be more dressing up with Mardi Gras and Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, not forgetting World Book Day when pupils and teachers come to school dressed as their favourite book characters.

            As usual we will be collaborating with our sister school Camille Sée for our annual Fairy Tales Theatre and Spelling Bee. We are participating in the Short Story Competition organized by the American Library in Paris where our budding writers have been on the winners’ podium nearly every year.

            We are part of the global network of OIB teachers in France and overseas. Our teachers have OIB training sessions with their colleagues in other schools where we build networks and exchange ideas. We are also OIB examiners for the Option Internationale du Baccalaureate helping us to guide our pupils to meet the challenge of the BAC.

            At the OIB section at Maurice Ravel we like to think that we are just one big happy family; we are  a dynamic and enthusiastic group of teachers shepherding a dynamic and enthusiastic body of students to be their best, to blossom both personally and academically and to enjoy their time at school. We ask a lot from our pupils; they need to be willing to work hard with at least five hours more than an average class of 6ème and a lot more homework. But we also have fun, learning in interactive and creative ways, working on projects, making movies and documentaries, writing plays and acting them out, celebrating our festivals like Halloween, Thanksgiving, St Patrick’s Day, World Book Day and making school a pleasure instead of a chore.