Welcome to the OIB at Maurice Ravel


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Principal: Céline ISART

Parents’ Association: apesiravel@gmail.com

Teacher: mgaynor@laposte.net


Dossier d’inscription 2020 – 2021 (LYCEE ; COLLEGE)

The Anglophone International Section at Cité-scolaire Maurice Ravel opened in September 2014 with a class of 6ème made up of 27 pupils from nine different nationalities. Since then each year a new level has been added and in 2017-2018 we had a full collège of classes from 6e to 3e with our first class taking the Diplôme national du brevet option internationale with 100% success rate.

Our OIB section at lycée opened in September 2018 with our first class preparing the OIB in 2021.

Situated in the east of Paris, we are a mixed and multicultural school and this is reflected in our International Section; our pupils coming from America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand Canada, Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Korea, or French pupils who have lived in Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia or China.

Our teaching staff includes native speakers: Mrs Gaynor from Ireland and Mr Wallace from the USA as well as bilingual teachers Mr Mignot and Ms Schneider who have worked overseas.

We are having an action packed year in 2018-2019 we will have theatre trips to see Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Prisoner #46664 and The Merry Wives of Windsor. To complement our reading we will visited the Shoah Memorial after reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Musée de l’Armée after reading Private Peaceful and a guided tour of Père Lachaise after reading Dracula. We are participating in the Short Story Competition organised by the American Library in Paris where our budding writers have been on the winners’ podium nearly every year.

As part of History and Geography, the 3ème and 4ème OIB section visited the Impressionists in London, at the Petit Palais, the 2nde are taking a field trip to trace Chartres through the middle ages,   5ème are going to see a Magic Unicorn Exhibition at Musée de Cluny and the 6ème are doing a Neanderthal workshop at Musée de l’homme combining art and science.

Our teachers work in close collaboration and like to work on topics that cover both OIB subjects: our trip to the Battlefields of the Somme and Yprès covers both the historical aspect of the war and the poignancy of the War Poets studied in English class. In the same vein, our 3ème pupils read their own poems at a Commonwealth War Graves Commission Ceremony under the Arc de Triomphe on November 18th and the 2nde pupils attended the Oscar Wilde play Salomé in Theatre de Verre in a project combining Antiquity studies with the work of the famous Irish playwright.

In October, Mr Wallace devised a Halloween Extravaganza combining Halloween disguises and pumpkin contests with a spooky escape game in the Salle de Cinema; in December we celebrated Christmas with Secret Santa and came to school in our pyjamas (pupils and teachers) and Mr Wallace has plenty more surprises lined up before the end of the year with his Glee Club.

At the OIB section at Maurice Ravel we like to think that we are just one big happy family; we are  a dynamic and enthusiastic group of teachers shepherding a dynamic and enthusiastic body of students to be their best, to blossom both personally and academically and to enjoy their time at school. We work hard with at least five hours more than an average class of 6ème and a lot more homework. But we also have fun, learning in interactive and creative ways, working on projects, making movies and documentaries, writing plays and acting them out, celebrating our festivals like Halloween, Thanksgiving, St Patrick’s Day, World Book Day and making school a pleasure instead of a chore.